So I am interested, how do I know if BOB is right for me and how do I join?

The aim of the Club is to organise meeting points for weekly off road rides for mountain bike enthusiasts of varying abilities in a safe and responsible manner. There are local rides leaving from Crowthorne and regular away rides as well. Notices regarding these rides will be posted on our Members only Facebook Group.

Members also get the benefit of significant discounts at many local bike shops and outdoor shops using their BOB membership card.

Regular monthly meetings are held and an AGM is held in March – see website calendar for date and details

The Club owns many items that are available to members,  when they are not being used for a club event. These include camping equipment, walkie-talkies and even Paella Pans.

Introductory Rides are offered for people interested in joining the club (if you don’t already know a BOB member). The idea of the intro ride is to introduce you to a few regular riders within the club. It will give you an idea of the different paces of riding and a chance to see if you like what we do and if you would like to join us.

If you are interested in attending an Intro Ride check the calendar and then fill in the contact details below and we will send you an e-mail with all the details.

For more information and for general enquiries about the club should be sent to: and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Membership Fees and how to apply

Membership for a full year costs £35 for an individual and £40 for a family (as many members as you like but they need to be related and live at the same address). If you join now it will cover you until March 2023.

If you would like to become a member you MUST COMPLETE AN INTRO RIDE
or be recommended by an existing member. Once you have done that just fill in the form on the Membership Application Page and make your payment.

Conditions of Membership

  • Cycling UK rules of conduct apply to all rides.
  • Members agree to indemnify the club officers, the land owners and any person connected with the club’s ride and events from any liability whatsoever resulting in personal injury (whether fatal or other-wise), loss damage or expense caused. 
  • Members agree to participate in the club’s activities entirely at their own risk and that it is solely their decision to do so.
  • Members agree to ride in a manner that is safe for others and themselves
  • Helmets must be worn on all rides, and must be fitted and adjusted correctly.
  • Bikes must be suitable for the ride and properly maintained.
  • Riders are requested not to join rides that are beyond their level of ability and endurance. Members are responsible for their own personal safety whilst on Club rides. The Club or its officers cannot be held responsible for personal injury, loss or damage to the property of any member. Members have a duty of care to others and property.
  • The Club reserves the right to withdraw membership of any member who behaves in a manner that may bring the Club or the sport into disrepute.
  • Mountain biking is a potentially hazardous and strenuous sport. You are a member of BOB because you are an enthusiast but do not ride beyond your level of ability and endurance. Come equipped with suitable clothing, spares, refreshment and, if possible, a mobile phone. Also bring a telephone contact list and some money for emergencies.
  • The Cycling UK rules require us to have a list of ‘Leaders’ and this is kept by the Committee. Every official Club ride should have a leader. If there is no leader on any part of the ride it is then deemed to be an unofficial ride.
  • A toolkit/spares should always be carried and include, as a minimum: inner tube(s) and puncture/tubeless repair kit, pump, brake pads, allen keys or multi-tool,  a few spare joining links to suit your chain and a few cable ties are also a great idea. In the darker months you should also carry ‘get-home’ lights – front and rear.
  • It is each member’s responsibility to carry any medication needed for any condition (diabetes, asthma etc.) and you should inform fellow riders of special assistance that may be required.
  • The minimum age for an individual member is 16 years. Family and Junior members under 18 years must be supervised on Club rides by a parent or recognised guardian over 18 years of age.  

 The official club constitution is here: bob-constitution-september-2017